The Chinese Pastoral and Cultural Center

The Chinese Pastoral and Cultural Center is focused on serving the community of Chinese Catholics, and it is one of the many multi-cultural communities within the Diocese of Oakland.  The Spiritual Director was appointed by the Bishop to be responsible for the pastoral work.  The community follows the objectives of the Diocese, and serve Chinese Catholics and non-Catholics who live within the area covered by the Diocese of Oakland.

The Chinese Pastoral and Cultural Center was established in 1978 with the main mission of participating in Sunday Mass together.  Our services include Baptism, Confirmation, Sacrament of Marriage, Confession, Sacrament of Anointment, Funerals, and catechism classes.  Other regular activities include retreats, travel, potluck, and spiritual gatherings.  Activities and services are determined by the Committee, then carried out by volunteers through encouragement.

Community Mission

To spread the Good News of the Kingdom of God and the teaching of our Church, with the essence of our Chinese culture, through faith, hope, and love to all people.

Community Objectives

  • Cultivate and enrich community members’ spiritual experience
  • Provide assistance to new Chinese immigrants and those in need through engagement in works of mercy
  • Outreach and evangelize to the Chinese population
  • Promote the essence of Chinese culture and tradition

For more information, visit our website or email Deacon Danny Wong, Spiritual Director, Chinese Pastoral and Cultural Center at