The Ministry of Art and Environment (Altar Guild)

The purpose of the Ministry of Art & Environment (Altar Guild) is to create an atmosphere by using the liturgical space with visual aspects that will facilitate and encourage liturgical celebrations and the active participation of the faithful. They give a visual expression to aspects of doctrine and spirituality that words alone cannot adequately express for the inspiration, devotion and religious formation of believers.

We do not hold regular meetings, but gather to work as the Church liturgical year requires, with most of it being center around the Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter Seasons. We do meet weekly though for the Church floral arrangements to ensure they are fresh and up to date with the liturgy of the upcoming Masses.

The Ministry always welcomes creative people, such as artist, seamstress, crafters, interior and floral designers, or those who just enjoy working with their hands. There must be a willingness to be open to new ideas and to work together in union.

Donation of Easter Lilies
Join in creating a beautiful, meaningful and joyful environment to celebrate the blessed Easter Liturgy by donating Easter Lilies. Your Lilies may be dedicated to a loved one or for a special intention. We hope you will join in making the Church reflect the Glory of this Holy Season, and in advance we thank you for your generosity.

Donation of Christmas Poinsettias
We invite all parishioners to participate in this wonderful tradition of beautifying the sanctuary for Christmas with donated Poinsettias. As the Advent season begins, we encourage all to dedicate a Poinsettia for a special intention or to a loved one. We ask that the Poinsettias be of the traditional red color to better coordinate with our Liturgical decoration. Help us crate a beautiful and meaningful environment in which to celebrate Our Lord’s birth, we thank you in advance for your generosity.

For more information, please contact the Parish Office at (510) 895-5631.