Our Mission

We are a welcoming community that is constantly striving to be multicultural in all dimensions.  With emphasis on multicultural leadership, adult faith formation, ministry training, and a vibrant youth program, all parishioners are encouraged to grow in relationships as we continue our journey of faith.  We seek to express that faith and make our parish alive by reaching out to the larger community, providing space for all, hosting a community garden, and supporting our sister parish in Mexico.


  • Provide English and Spanish classes
  • Bilingual staff
  • Community garden
  • Multilingual liturgies
  • Concert and speaker series for education and enjoyment
  • Hire youth ministry coordinator
  • Provide prayer spaces
  • Leadership for new ministries
  • Develop Spanish leadership
  • Mission – Sister Parish
  • Develop Filipino leadership
  • Support and appreciation for volunteers
  • Adult faith formation
  • Develop church-school relationship
  • Provide Catholic education for all children
  • Train servers for liturgy