Seeking Housing for Refugee Family

Last year St Leander committed to help a refugee family in conjunction with Catholic Charities of the East Bay, and in response to the urging of our Pope Francis and our Bishop Michael.

About that time, a generous Catholic donor purchased a condo in San Leandro to help new refugees settle for their first six months in the States. Our family was a benefactor of that generosity and has lived there since they arrived in early March.

Now, Hafeez Sharifullah, his wife Fatima, and their two boys need to find and rent their own apartment or guest house.

A two-bedroom unit would be ideal. But, this family is also accustomed to living in a one-bedroom home in Afghanistan. If you or anyone you know has knowledge of or access to an affordable apartment or guest house to rent, please contact Val Kinavey at 510 502-0157, or

Important: The family will need to relocate by the end of September. There are two high priorities at this time: finding a full-time job for Hafeez, and finding a place for the family to live. If any of our volunteers has a lead on either job or housing, please contact Lorin Peters (510-207-6720) or Valerie Kinavey (510-502-0157).

Hafeez continues to go to the Lao Family Center in Oakland for social services, especially assistance with finding a job. He continues to work on weekends as a security guard at a restaurant in Fremont. On July 7, he passed the written exam at the DMV, so now he can
begin taking driving lessons. Fatima is progressing in her English skills. The boys finished school in June, and Hamed began four weeks of summer school.

Thank you for your help and consideration.