Message from Fr. Hugo Franca on the Guidelines and Reopening of St. Leander Church

Dear Friends,

Please take a moment to review St. Leander safety rules as we prepare to reopen our church and the resumption of public Masses.

We are hopeful that it will be very soon. Our Reopening Committee, Volunteers and Staff have been working hard towards this moment.

I do walk in San Leandro every day. I did meet many of you during my walks in the streets, at grocery stores, cafes and pharmacies during this surreal time, and I continue to hold all of you in my prayers waiting for the day we can be all together at St. Leander’ Church.

This moment will pass. God will provide.

Fr. Hugo F.

Before Mass:

Reserve your ticket. To ensure that we do not exceed the 100-person (per Mass) capacity in the church, and that no one is turned away at the door, each person attending mass will need to obtain an electronic free ticket. We will announce on Facebook and this website as soon as the link to the application for electronic tickets becomes available. 


We present these guidelines out of gratitude and love and ask you to follow them. For some, they may appear too strict and others might find them relaxed. We believe these guidelines will allow us to celebrate mass while being respectful and cautious. We hope you find the guidelines agreeable and that you will join us.

. If you have displayed any symptoms of illness in the past two weeks, please refrain from attending. As a reminder, if you are ill, you are dispensed from attending mass;

. Per state guidelines, we ask that you come wearing a face mask (adults and children);

. Bathroom will remain closed;

. Seating will be assigned. Many rows will be blocked off, and an usher will be there to direct you to your seat. You will be able to sit together with your family, but please be attentive to your children behavior; spread at least 6 feet from others;

. No shaking hands during the peace;

. The priests and the ministers will use hand sanitizer before distributing the Holy Communion; 

. The minister or the priest will come to you at the moment of the Holy Communion and will be distributed in the hand only; No cup with the precious blood will be shared;

. Please refrain from unnecessarily touching surfaces in the church; don’t forget your small hand sanitizer container for your personal use.

What to Expect:

. Please arrive 20-30 minutes before mass and go to the line formed outside the church keeping the social distancing and wearing your mask;

. Before entering the church, all must stop for a temperature check. Those with a fever will not enter!

. Enter and exit through designated doors; an usher will greet you at the door and show you where to sit;

. No holy water will be available; No worship aid, no hymnals; and again, bathroom will be closed!

. We ask you to respectfully dismiss after mass so that we continue to observe social distancing;

. Social gatherings after mass and talking groups outside the church are not appropriate at this time.

. Please go directly home, as we need time to prepare for the next mass.  Drive safely.