Worship is central to our spiritual life as a Christian people. Through our full, conscious, and active worship, we celebrate God’s continual presence among us.

Parishioners can serve in the Liturgical Ministry in various capacities, including hospitality, the Eucharist, music, and the church environment.

If you would like more information or interested in participating in a ministry, submit a completed Ministry Opportunity Form (online form forthcoming) or contact the Parish Office at (510) 895-5631.

Liturgical Ministries

What does a greeter do?

  • Welcomes parishioners and visitors as they arrive at the doors and provides them with worship song sheets, Sunday bulletins or other materials
  • Opens doors at the end of service to allow churchgoers to leave

What does an usher do?

  • Greets the Assembly as they arrive for Mass, making everyone feel welcome
  • Finds seats at appropriate times collects and brings tithes, gifts and other offerings to the altar
  • Chooses the gift bearers at the Offertory
  • Directs the flow of traffic inside the church, including during Communion
  • Provides helpful information such as where restrooms and other facilities are located

Who can be a hospitality minister (greeter/usher)?

  • An outgoing person who likes people is sensitive to the needs of others
  • Possesses the ability to work with others as part of a team
If you would like more information or interested in participating in this ministry, contact the Parish Office or submit a completed Ministry Opportunity Form.
“Happy are those who hear the word of God and keep it.” – Luke 11:28

What does the word minister or lector do?

  • Becomes Christ’s voice for the assembly
  • Reads the Introduction, the First Reading, Responsorial Psalm (if there is no Cantor), Second Reading, Prayers of the Faithful (if there is no Deacon), and any special announcements as requested

Who can be a word minister or lector?

The ideal lector has the following qualities:
  • Effectively uses a microphone with careful enunciation, eye contact, appropriate rate of speech, proper posture and movement
  • Able to gain and keep the attention of the listeners
  • Able to convey enthusiasm and motivate the listener
  • Able to prepare adequately by thoroughly studying the texts that will be proclaimed confident
  • Sensitive to audience diversity

What does the coordinator/sacristan do?

  • Prepares the Sunday and daily Eucharistic celebrations
  • Checks the ciborium to determine the amount of host and wine needed for mass checks and determines who can serve as Eucharistic Minister for mass
  • Assists and guides any Eucharistic Minister who may need help
  • Washes and dries all the vessels used after mass
  • Coordinates with the presider any special instructions for a given mass

Who can be a coordinator/sacristan?

  • Any committed practicing Catholic who is willing to attend training as needed.
  • Comfortable in establishing a relationship with the presider, other Eucharist Ministers and most especially to each communicant. This is the most important aspect of the liturgy.
Please refer to the Guidelines for Eucharistic Coordinators. If you would like more information or are interested in participating in this ministry, submit a completed Ministry Opportunity Form or contact the Parish Office.
“And it happened that, while he was with them at the table, he took bread, said the blessing, broke it, and gave it to them.” – Luke 24:30

Who is a eucharistic minister?

  • A trained lay minister who has a deep understanding of the real presence of Jesus Christ in bread and wine
  • Assists the priest to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ during the Communion Rite at mass
  • Takes on Christ’s likeness by strengthening faith from within and sharing it with the faithful at communion

Who can be a eucharistic minister?

  • Has a strong devotion to our Lord in the holy Eucharist
  • Understands the sacrament of the Eucharist is comfortable in establishing a relationship with each communicant in what is most likely the most intimate moment in liturgy
  • Able to work with others as part of a team
Please refer to the Guidelines for Eucharistic Ministers. To volunteer or for more information on this ministry, contact Marivic Matias at or at (510) 636-0879.
“Sing to the Lord a new song of praise in the assembly of the faithful.” – Psalm 149

What does the choir do?

  • Helps people to respond to God’s word, to acclaim the gospel, to sing of our salvation in Christ and gather our many voices into one
  • Consists of singers, cantor, piano/organ and other instrumental accompanists

Who can be a choir member?

  • Is a person of faith and of prayer, maintaining an attitude of openness and spirituality.
  • Is able to work with a variety of liturgical song forms (acclamations, brief responses, litanies, responsorial songs, hymns and choir anthems).
  • Has a desire to sing and able to learn various types of music – liturgical, sacred, secular, etc., and enjoy singing.
  • Has a good attitude and is able to work well with others
  • Has good communication and cooperation with the choir and the Choir director.
  • Is able to attend scheduled rehearsals, church services and other activities
  • Observes punctuality
If you would like more information or interested in participating in this ministry, contact the Parish Office or contact Gary Yerby at (510) 895-5631.

What does the altar guild minister do?

  • Polish all the wood on the altar.
  • Change the altar cloth, as needed.
  • Change the holy water.
  • Clean the candle area.
The Altar Guild has six teams of three people who clean two months each year. Team one cleans on Saturday mornings in January and July. Team two cleans on Saturday mornings in February and August, and so on for the remaining four teams. Please contact Moira Sullivan or the Parish Office at (510) 895-5631 to join the guild.

What is the environment/flowers ministry about?

  • makes the liturgy a beautiful and inspiring place to worship
  • transform a building into worship space using color, art, and flowers through talent and time

Who can be an environment/flowers minister?

  • has love for the arts of all kinds
  • has an aptitude for craft-work including but not limited to sewing wood working skills, painting of all types
  • is open to new ideas and work on group projects


Choir Practice Schedule

Choir Mass/Practice Day Mass/
Practice Time
Choir Practice
Choir Director
English Choir (Adults) 2rd-5th Sundays 11:00 am
     Practice: Wednesdays 7:00 pm Music Room Gary Yerby
English Choir Sundays 7:00 pm
     Practice: Laura
Hispanic Choir Saturdays 7:30 pm
Hispanic Sundays 9:30 am and
12:30 pm
     Practice: Children – Mondays 7:00 pm Music Room
     Practice: Youth – Thursdays 6:00 pm Youth Center
     Practice: Adults – Mondays 6:00 pm CCD Room
Filipino Mass Choir 2nd Sundays 8:00 am
     Practice: 3rd Friday & Friday
before 2nd Sundays
7:00 pm Music Room Tess Morales
Filipino Choir 1st Sundays 11:00 am
     Practice: Friday before 1st Sunday 7:30 pm Ethnic Center Bella Monzon